Interpretive Posters

The Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre can provide teachers with information and pamphlets on:

  • Self guided walks
  • Aboriginal plant use
  • Evolution of the plant kingdom
  • Birds of the Botanic Gardens, etc.

It can also arrange guided walks for students focussing on selected topics.


Birds of the Gardens

Come for the flowers, stay for the birds. The Cairns Botanic Gardens is known for its gorgeous plants, but beautiful birds also abound here.The Garden’s cast of feathered characters changes with the seasons, and you can make bird watching a repeat activity throughout the year to enjoy them all. Keen bird watchers will be able to spot many of the birds listed below. More...

Botanic Library


The Cairns Botanic Gardens Library houses botanical and horticultural books and other publications relevant to tropical gardening. The Library strives to provide plant science resources and accurate information to users by collecting, organising, preserving, and sharing subject-specific materials for current and future use, while supporting the Cairns Botanic Gardens. More...

Clusia Flower

Plant Science

From restoring habitats and protecting endangered plant species to developing new ones, Garden scientists are fighting plant extinction, pollution, and climate change through diverse and exciting research. There are a number of tools and resources for those working in and studying plant science. More...

Girl looking at trees

School booking form

Please complete and submit this form. It will be forwarded to the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre. More...