It's easy to while away the afternoon at the Cairns Botanic Gardens exploring the many paths winding through lush tropical plantings.

For those visitors who want a little more information about what they are seeing and experiencing we have a series of audio tours that allow you to become your own tour guide.

It's easy to download or share the audio files on your mobile device. Simply click the play button located on the media player screen of each tour.

Make sure to download a map!. Each map has reference points that guide you past the green markers (pictured right) that highlight the unique flora and fauna of the gardens.

Flecker Garden

This tour include an introduction to the Gardens. Some of the plants highlighted on this tour are:

  • The Bromeliad Garden
  • Blue Quandong
  • Timor Black Bamboo
  • Gingers, Heliconias and Backscratchers
  • The Cannonball Tree
  • Foxtail Palm

Gondwana Heritage Garden

This tour discusses the emergence of the Earth's plant species and in particular the Gondwana component for the plant kingdom. Australian Wet Tropic species have been used to illustrate this history.

The final part of the tour sees you walking with dinosaurs in the evolution garden.

Rainforest Boardwalk

This tour looks at the plants, insets and wildlife that inhabit this remnant of coastal swampland complete with towering paperbarks and mighty strangler figs.

Freshwater Lake

The nutrient-rich Freshwater Lake is home to many exotic aquatic species such as the native lotus which provides a habitat for many native birds.

Saltwater Lake

Saltwater Lake is man made using water from nearby Saltwater Creek and is home to an abundance of marine wildlife. Keep an eye out for the vine arbor, featuring two of the world's most spectacular flowering fines, the Jade Vine and the Flame of the Forest vine.