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Walking tracks abound in this natural wonder.

Behind the Botanic Gardens is Mount Whitfield Conservation Park, home to the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Arrow Trails. These four linked tracks ascend the slopes of Mount Whitfield.

A brochure and map of Red, Blue and Green Arrow Trails. ( PDF, 2 MB )

The Red Arrow loop trail (1.5km return) beginning at Collins Avenue, climbs 100m in elevation through rainforest, Eucalypt forest and grasslands to a lookout above the Cairns International Airport offering views over the city and out to Green Island.A short link trail ascends a further 50 metres to another lookout from where the Blue Arrow loop trail commences.

The Blue Arrow trail (4.5km return) takes you through mainly rainforest to an elevation of 300m. About half way around, a short side track will take you to a lookout on the summit of Mt Lumley Hill where you get views along the coast to the north of Cairns.

The Green Arrow is a 3km track which starts towards the top of the Blue Arrow loop and branches off toward Brinsmead ending at Whitfield. While the track can be accessed by walkers from Whitfield, there is no public parking available. A return trip from the Collins Avenue entry point is approximately 10km.

The Yellow Arrow links Aeroglen to the Red and Blue Arrow walking tracks. The total length of the trail is approximately 2.0 km, incorporating key viewing points over Cairns Airport. The trail incorporates a number of natural features along the walk including large rock slabs and boulders, rock lined gullies, a Pandanus tree garden and large native trees.